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Samantha Holmes Alpaca Fur Covered Hot Water Bottle - Oyster

Beautifully handmade with Alpaca Fur one side and soft lambskin on the reverse with luxurious satin lining and silk satin ribbon, this gift has the ultimate wow factor and is so cuddly you won't want to put it down.

Fits standard hot water bottle. Hot water bottle insert included.

To restore the fur to former glory simply brush Talcum Powder or Dry Shampoo through the fur with a pet brush (available from big supermarkets and pet shops). This is similar to what a specialist fur dry cleaner will use. It will lift out any dust and debris and keep the fur as good as new.

Always remove the fur cover when filling the hot water bottle. Ensure the top is screwed on securely and mop up any water with a dry cloth before returning to the cover. Please avoid any hot water coming into contact with the alpaca skin as this may cause the skin to dry out and split.

Colour: Oyster

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